Safety Rules

At AIR, safety is our priority. Our rules help everyone to stay safe while having fun. It is very important that ride attendants watch out for the safety of participants and observe the following rules:

For All Rides

  • Adult supervision required at all times.
  • No gum, food, drinks, or candy are allowed in or around the rides.
  • Remove shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, and all pocket contents before entering the ride.
  • Children jumping simultaneously should all be approximately the same size.
  • No flips, fighting, wrestling or horseplay in the rides.
  • No bouncing against the outside of the ride.
  • No climbing or hanging on the exterior of the rides.
  • No one may enter a ride during inflation or deflation.
  • Do not operate inflatable rides in heavy wind (above 20 mph) or rain.
  • No silly string or similar substances are allowed on the rides. Violation of this rule will result in a significant damage charge.
  • Enter from front of equipment only. Do not re-enter from the exit area.
  • The maximum number of participants in a ride at one time is 8 for moonwalks, 2 for obstacle courses, 8 for combo units, and 2 for slides (one participant climbing up and one sliding down).
  • Persons with back, neck, or joint injuries, respiratory problems, or those who are or may be pregnant should not use inflatable rides.
  • Additionally, please follow all instructions from AIR representatives or drivers regarding the operation of our inflatable rides.
For Slides and Obstacle Courses
  • The landing zone must be clear before the next rider is allowed to slide down.
  • Riders must slide feet-first.
  • No jumping or diving from the top loading area to the bottom landing area.
  • The slide must be anchored prior to and during operation.
  • Only trained operators are allowed near the blower, power source, cords, or any other electrical equipment.
For Bungee Runs
  • Maximum of two participants at a time
  • Attendant(s) must check the harness, hook, and cord for each rider before they begin to make sure the riders are properly secured.
  • Each rider must keep his/her arms in his/her own lane at all times. Riders must not jump when running down or being pulled back!

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